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Thread: Fabricating a dashboard for an MR2 Lambo Gallardu conversion uk.

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    Fabricating a dashboard for an MR2 Lambo Gallardu conversion uk.


    I am looking to commence a UK build on a Lambo G. but my donor MK3 MR2 Roadster/MRS does not have a dash that I would consider close enough to the real thing. Can I have any advice on how to build a dashboard and centre tunnel console [I already have the instrument binnacle].

    The parts will be upholstered when complete so surface finish and post prod machining is not an issue. I have been advised to use vac forming [GRP would be too heavy] so really I need to know how to build a patern/plug from the MRS 'bare' interior frame and where to go from there. I also need to ensure that fixings can be positioned for a rigid finish that doesn't move or creak when in motion.

    I see a lot positive advice on the forum so I am open to any reasonable suggestion.

    Thanks Guys.

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    Re: Fabricating a dashboard for an MR2 Lambo Gallardu conversion uk.

    hi and just wanted to say this is something im currently getting sorted,
    i am building a gallardo inspired car using the exact kit,my kit is the coupe variant so the additional lenth of the dashbord may or maynot be an issue for you depending on how your car will be configured to look,
    anyhow ive employed the services of a guy at a midlands based composite company whos working on this for me,i like you have the binnacle,all the vents and some other bits as well,when the plug is complete it will g to zaric vaform of bristol and have a big acrylic vacform pulled from it,this acryllic vacform"as thick and solid as a hottub inner" this will then be used as my tool by the guys who will make my dash,because the vacform is so smooth and removes any imperfections its perfect for having a pre-preg "pre-impregnated carbon fibre part taken from,therefore my dash should be mirror finish quality,lightweight,heat resistant,and above all strong,
    i note your building the car using the mrs,the same as me,"i dont really understand the spaceframe thing on what is such a small supercar to start with" and if you are using genuine lambo casopia wheels as i am then hope this next bit helps,today i recieved my steel hub adaptors and im over the moon,because the factory gallardo is so small the hub exstensions needed are tiny,rears are 50mm and fronts a lot smaller again,really happy not to have huge bits of metal on the ends of the hubs,
    goodluck with your car

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    Re: Fabricating a dashboard for an MR2 Lambo Gallardu conversion uk.

    Thanks for the info Alpina,

    I have already been contacted by another forum member as mine will be leather trimmed and not carbon fibre, so I think that his method may be more in line with what I want to achieve. His cost is pretty impressive as well .

    My intention is also to fit the coupe version and as the windscreen is moved forward beyond the original MRS the scuttle panel, I'll require the dashboard extension as well.  Could you keep me informed on your build as I am interested to see how it turns out. I also have plenty of information on the instruments, sat nav, air con controller etc if you need them.

    A Carbon Fibre interior ehh!!! Do I smell an LP560 8)

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    Re: Fabricating a dashboard for an MR2 Lambo Gallardu conversion uk.

    Hey Guys,

    Don't forget to upload pictures of your progress, i really want to see a gallardo build.


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    Re: Fabricating a dashboard for an MR2 Lambo Gallardu conversion uk.

    i wonder if there's anyone in uk plan to pull a mould out of a real MURCIE dash board.

    i'm still hunting for it real or fibre...
    i was quoted GBP1000 for a genuine one. without anything (the cluster pod and such)...
    which is way too much of what i can affort...

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