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Thread: Coilovers and large Strut Tube Diameter

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    Coilovers and large Strut Tube Diameter

    Does anyone know a vehicle that has 55mm diameter strut tubes ???
    To date I have identified:
    Volkswagen 2003-up
    Datsun 280Z 1974-78
    Ford Mustang 1979-93
    Pontiac Fiero 1984-88

    I am piecing together a coilover setup on a car with stock 55mm MacPherson strut tubes. Model-specific parts, such as threaded sleeves, adjusting nuts, spring caps, are few and far between for this diameter
    I would love to find a budget coilover "kit" that was intended for another make (Honda, Toyota, Scion....) with voluminous aftermarket support. I could use the hardware - and add my own springs.

    Similar parts for 48mm (KONI, Honda, VW) are far more common, but I'd like to know if 55mm is used elsewhere.


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    Re: Coilovers and large Strut Tube Diameter

    Much of this info can be had by doing a search in I use Monroe matic or Gabriel, and they are both under 50mm. These are stock replacements for the rear. For the front, go get yourself some HAL adjustable coilovers for the front. I have used the 7", but much better choice is the 10" that can fit without major cutting of the metal structure in the spare tire compartment. I do have a set of square thread sleeves, adjusters, jam nuts, top hats, o-rings, and a set of (2) 350 or 450 lb/in springs if you are interested. These are 50MM and I have used them for a few different setups.
    I have also gotten some from Groundcontrol. Expensive @ 200 $ for a pair, but maybe contact them if you absolutely need 55mm for the struts you have.

    Note: I remember that if you buy a set of struts, there is a piece that needs to be removed to enable the sleeve to insert into the strut. Let me know if you need any more info.


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    Re: Coilovers and large Strut Tube Diameter

    All you should have to know and it should work for any car:

    There should be a similar arcticle here, but I don't think it had the pics...

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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