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Thread: help with getting project on the road - URGENT

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    help with getting project on the road - URGENT

    ive more or less finished my project to a stage where modifications etc. have to be done to get it road legal.
    Ive got a honda pilot with a suzuki bandit 600 engine fitted, i have all obvious thing fitted and working, headlights, indicators, clocks, etc. I have no idea where to go from here, what else is needed to finish it off, what i have to do to get it into a test, what they will check in the text....anything you might know will be very helpful.
    Many thanks

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    Re: help with getting project on the road - URGENT

    Make sure all wires are strapped down mate. Have a look on the SVA website it tells you the basics there.

    Make sure there are no areas where you can fit a foot or a hand in near the engine area. Little things like that they will not pass it.

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