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Thread: Painting over gelcoat panels

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    Painting over gelcoat panels

    Around 15 years ago I saw a white Porsche 911 conversion and the GRP panels had scratches through general wear and tear and despite cleaning had dirt that had ground in, making it obvious that this was a fibre glass replica.

    I am undertaking another project but being more of a builder than a fabricator and I am looking at some superb replicas that are now on the UK market. I know materials and technology have advanced massively since then but I am curious about painting over fibre glass gelcoat panels. It seems to me that they are high quality with an extremely glossy finish and if I wanted to produce a current Ferrari model they are only produced in Rosso red. How easy is it to paint over and get a quality finish or is it better to ask for a gel coat in a specific colour such as Giallo Yellow or even a metallic finish, or could this prove expensive.

    Any help appreciated guys.

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    Re: Painting over gelcoat panels

    dont get coloured gelcoat! with high quality replicas no matter what the quality of the panels are there will always be some kind of bodywork needed so painting after everything is done is essential. painting over gelcoat isnt that different from painting metal, it's all about the prep work really. most good bodyshops can spray grp panels perfectly fine, although some people recommend going to bodyshops that have experience doing kit cars. in my opinion any good bodyshop will be able to do what you need, you don't have to find anywhere that specialises in grp

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    Re: Painting over gelcoat panels

    Cheers DazM,

    That pretty much answers my question. 8) 8) 8)

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    Re: Painting over gelcoat panels

    i was told that black or any dark colours isnt good to have, you have to bake the car at a high temp so if you get a hot day it doesn't disturb the panels, i really want a black car so what's the best method to keeping it looking good, i was told to bake it at a high temp, then paint, then bake again the paint again is this right?

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