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Thread: Alignment at home.

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    Alignment at home.

    I'm not sure if allot of you guys surf kitcentral so i'm posting this over here. This system should work for any car.
    I've finished the alignment with camber set to 0 and no "tow in" at 0. This is because I wanted to have the wheels square when I set the body. I'll add back "tow in" later.



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    Re: Alignment at home.

    I like this thread ! That is exactly how I used to set the alignment on my stock car [roundy-round racing]
    I worked so good that I once set the alignment on an 88 Caravan parts hauler that I was driving. It always steered perfect and the tires were never worn in an uneven fashion.
    And the joke is,<br />when he awoke his,<br />body was covered in Coke fizz !

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