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    Spray foam

    Hi all,

    I am looking to foam in sections on my kit and would like to use spray foam. I know to use closed cell foam, but question what type. I see that the semi ridged spray foam used for exterior windows is rated to 240 degree F. I am thinking that if my interior gets to that temperature, I have other issues besides worrying about the foam burning. I want to foam in the roof fiberglass to the Fiero and to foam up the rear deck area after the firewall and the B-pillars.

    - What type of semi ridged spray foam to use?
    - Would exterior home grade foam used for sealing windows not work?
    - Should I spend a lot more for marine grade foam?

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    Re: Spray foam


    I use the foam that is designed and intended for those purposes. You can buy automotive grade foams from your local paint and body supplier. I prefer FUSOR but 3M, Norton and the likes all work well. You can get rigid and non-rigid, some with bonding strength some without, etc. These are used to replace the factory foam when the shop cuts off and replaces a qtr panel or truck bedside. I am not talking about bonding adhesive..that's available from the same suppliers BUT they also sell Foam..

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    Re: Spray foam

    Thank you.

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    Re: Spray foam


    I got your vm around 10:30 pm.....I'm guessing you found your answer, hahahaa! I'll ask the wife in the morning about next Saturday. (21st correct?)


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