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Thread: 3D scanner/ mold maker!!!

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    3D scanner/ mold maker!!!

    I wish I had one of these machines! Basically scans a part and makes it out of plastic. Amazing stuff.

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    Re: 3D scanner/ mold maker!!!

    I have the Luck and work with the Same 3D Printer from Dimension ;D
    its amasing what i can do with that , but i dont have an scanner.
    My Company use other 3D Modesl for the Prototypes.

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    Re: 3D scanner/ mold maker!!!

    Why dont you give this one a shot?

    You can build one for $25
    (quite length video)

    the resolution is not that accurate for textured object, but hey, car doesn't have textured surface.
    So you can still pretty much capture the shape and the geometry. You can see couple of examples in their forum.

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    Re: 3D scanner/ mold maker!!!

    That is the coolest thing in the world! The scanner is reasonably priced at $2,995 but $29,900 is a lot of money for the printer (I'm sure it's worth every penny though). I was amazed when I saw the wrench working and then I was totally blown away when I saw the steam engine replica. I wonder if there is a place where you can rent the printer if you own the scanner.

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