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Thread: Aftermarket gauge cluster

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    Aftermarket gauge cluster


    I thought I would start a new thread about aftermarket clusters as I think we will or have all had experience with changing everything up to get it to run without the stock Fiero cluster.

    I will start this thread with the Speedo which seems to be the first stumbling block for me at this time. I am sure I will expand this out to include pretty much every gauge I have so we can all have reference later.

    For me personally, I'll cut a car in half, weld it back together, cut the roof off, design and build all new suspension, cut and paste body panels back together all day long but as soon as I get into the electrics, I am useless. I have just never gotten any good at electrical in these things. To each his own I guess.

    I ask for all those that have the electrical flair to help me and others out please.

    I am getting ready to do my 3.4 DOHC swap into the project and I want to look at how to get the aftermarket gauges working at the same time.

    I have Autometer gauges and the speedo & Tach is electronic.

    From what I have read over on Pennock's the stock Fiero electronics for the Speedo go like.....

    • VSS from Getrag trans goes to the Speedo cluster where it gets split into the Speedo and the odometer.
    • The yellow wire in the bundle is the important one as it carries the high voltage wave. The purple low voltage one is essentially a ground and can be grounded in aftermarket setups.
    • The VSS sends 4000 ppm to the cluster. The ECM needs 2000 ppm fo rits requirements
    • The stock cluster also has a reducer/buffer built in that sets the signal down to 2000 ppm which is routed to the stock ECM for engine control.

    How do I get the aftermarket speedo set up using the stock Fiero VSS and have the proper ECM signal still there as well? Do I need to get an old cluster and tear it apart for the buffer and insert that into the circuit?

    That should hopefully get the electrical gurus going with some answers.

    Thanks all
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    Re: Aftermarket gauge cluster


    i'm wondering if you can just use a 'JK flip flop' logic gate in its divide by 2 mode ?

    Do you know if the ECU is expecting a 5v or battery voltage level ?


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