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Thread: AD 355 Door Jamb grills

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    AD 355 Door Jamb grills

    Has anyone come up with a good solution for the door jamb grills (behind the door scoop) on a F355? I don't really want to buy the original Ferrari pieces... the cheapest I have found is $600 per side. Surely we can fab up something that will work.

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    Re: AD 355 Door Jamb grills

    I ended up using a set of OEM vents on mine. They will not fit the stock fiero jams as they are rather wide. This was one of the reasons I ended up doing so much custom frame work on my build.

    This set up is the stock vent with a heavily modified oem (fiberglass) door jam.

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    Re: AD 355 Door Jamb grills

    With all of our builds, it really comes down to making your own vents just as we have had to make everything else. My plans are to make the grill surround out of sheet aluminum and either shape some aluminum grills to fit in or go after fiberglass molds and pull some pieces. The grills shown in Glenn's pic above will really help us understand how they are configured so it will be easier to mold or shape depending on which way you go.

    Also, each opening on these cars will end up being pretty close on AD panels as they all come predone and very little finish work, but they will all be different on all the other builds out there based off splashes.

    I know mine will be one offs formed to my shape as I have changed the shape of mine so much from original.

    My recommendation is get some aluminum and start pounding and bending..... ;D

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    Re: AD 355 Door Jamb grills

    Unless I find a steal on some factory vents somewhere, I will end up fabbing some up too. There is no way that I am spending $1200 on those vents. I will buy sheets of ABS and make them myself before I would do that.... although I have to admit, the factory ones do look good in there.

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