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Thread: Shocks, struts, coil-overs - Trying to figure out what to buy (replace)!!

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    Shocks, struts, coil-overs - Trying to figure out what to buy (replace)!!

    Hello All,
    Just recently found this forum and its great!!

    Quick history - I recently purchased my first kit car - 2001 Lamborghini Diablo Roadster Replica on a stretched Fiero Chasis.
    Unfortunately it came with NO history behind the car. The only history I can find on it was that it was in some shows, etc.

    I know next to nothing about cars - I've had newer import cars for years - which I would have no business tinkering with so now that I have this kit car, I've been trying to learn all about it - with the Fiero tech book, etc. Also, I have a great friend who is a mechanic who has helped me with a number of things already.

    Ever since the day I first got the car, the front passenger side tire has been scraping when someone else rides in the car with me. I took it to have it aligned because we thought we knew what was wrong .. they told me that the shocks/coils needed to be replaced but they didn't know what to put in it and suggested I talk to the person who made it (or find a place like this). I have no idea who officially made it (I have some guesses...) so I thought I would show you guys some pictures and see if you can help me figure out what I need to purchase to fix this problem.

    From the pictures, you'll notice a few things on the Passenger side.
    1. The coil is hitting the upper A arm
    2. Someone has rigged it with something under the normal shock (when compared to the other one).

    I believe the current shocks/coils are Carrera 2254 with 320lbs coils

    The end goal here is have the car ride without scraping the wheel wells. I don't race, I don't really care how fast I can take a corner, I just don't want to be embarrased when I give someone a ride and it scrapes at every turn.

    It looks like maybe I need to buy something that has a smaller diameter coil (just a guess on my part).
    Can you guys point me in the right direction on what I should buy to replace the current mess?

    Pictures of the shocks/coils:
    Pictures of the car (if you care):

    Thanks in advance!!!
    If more pictures would help, please let me know.

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    Re: Shocks, struts, coil-overs - Trying to figure out what to buy (replace)!!

    Here is the suspension and coilovers that you have. Its from HELD motorsports, and is a quality package. You may want to contact them to get the price on the new coilovers, or ask them what other coilovers you could use. It may be possible to turn the coilovers over so that the spring is on the bottom, and wont bind on the upper control arm. You may also need to cut the spring a little shorter, so that you can screw down the adjuster ring even further to compensate for the shorter spring, allowing you even more clearance between the coil and control arm.
    Are there spacers on the wheels? If so, you could remove the spacers and order new control arms a little longer, and that too would give you more clearance between the two.
    Here is the link to Held.

    The people at Held are VERY helpfull, and will be able to answer all your questions and advise you on the best solutions for any suspension problem that you may have.
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    Re: Shocks, struts, coil-overs - Trying to figure out what to buy (replace)!!

    Verify what's actually rubbing. It looks from the pictured that the shock is hitting because the suspension is unloaded. I can't say if that is typical for a Held kit.

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    Re: Shocks, struts, coil-overs - Trying to figure out what to buy (replace)!!

    I don't know how to help with your situation, but I care about the pictures!

    When I get done with my 5000 S Countach, I want to find me a Diablo body next.
    Your car looks Darn nice!! 8)


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    Re: Shocks, struts, coil-overs - Trying to figure out what to buy (replace)!!

    Sorry, I can't help you with the rubbing issue, but the car looks stunning!

    Are the photographs of the car sitting outside (what looks to be) a country house with the doors up yours? Like this one:

    Only reason I ask is I'm fairly sure I've seen that photographs before somewhere on another forum (possibly the DNA or Extreme owners forums - from what I recall it was a discussion about paint colours and black paint working well on kits cars).

    If those are photographs the seller sent to you, perhaps I can help you track down the original owner/builder or atleast put you in touch with someone who owned the car at one point. It might just be coincidence though..!

    Either way: beautiful car!

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    Re: Shocks, struts, coil-overs - Trying to figure out what to buy (replace)!!

    I knew I'd seen that photograph before!

    I can help you get in touch with the original owner.

    His username is 'creative_exotics' on the DNAOC website:

    That's the exact same photograph (although you have to be logged in to see it.

    Reply #110 on: March 30, 2009, 05:28:05 PM

    I owned this one for over two years and never had any problem and that was exposed to 100 f many times.

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    Re: Shocks, struts, coil-overs - Trying to figure out what to buy (replace)!!

    By looking at your suspension I have to say the spring it too short and not strong enough. For some reason people say a 300# spring in the front is enough but not when you add width to the track. I just installed a set of 400# springs on a held front end and it is now a perfect ride, the customer is very happy.

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