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Thread: flexi fiber

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    flexi fiber

    Anyone had any info on how they go about making these flexi fiber body kits or whatever they call it?
    Wondering what materials they use and where I could buy them here in NA.
    I think it would be a good idea to see about implementing this technology if you want to call it that into our kits.
    I'd hate to see a replica get backed into in a parking lot and have all the fiberglass explode and crack everywhere.
    Where as the flexi fiber just bend and warp, if the under body wasn't damaged you could just pop it back into original shape.


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    Re: flexi fiber

    thats a great item, i would like to know too

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    Re: flexi fiber

    yes sorry.

    Apparently its a mix of fiber glass, plastic and flex resin.

    Was wondering where such materials could be purchased and why more kit cars aren't being built with this stuff?
    I watched a video on youtube and they beat the heck out of the duraflex part and it wouldn't even crack.

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