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Thread: Going from CAD To Part

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    Going from CAD To Part

    Need a little bit of help here guys. I have a CAD image of a nose cone (not the one i want at the moment but it will work for this example) for my lotus 7 that i want to make into a f/glass part. I was going to go egg shell using plywood and foam sanded into shape, i am not concerned once i have these parts but my question is how to make up these egg shell templates. (look IKR lambo front he just recieved to get some idea of what i mean by egg shell). What method do they undertake to create the slices and has anyone used solidworks to do this? I know of a slice function in 3ds max but never used it.

    Image of what i am doing:

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    Re: Going from CAD To Part

    you already have a surface, why would you want to go backwards. There are lots of companies out there that need the work!. you could go full reversal and have a mold machined from your data . check the web, for rapid protoyping shops in your area. you will be amazed at the sort of rates you can get in the current climate.

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    Re: Going from CAD To Part

    does anyone know what is average price to have a mold of car made?

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    Re: Going from CAD To Part

    it would be usefull to know how to split the 3d model up into cross sections still... cnc'ing and rapid prototyping is still pretty expensive for a personal project. anyone able to help?

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    Re: Going from CAD To Part

    I'm familiar with Rhino3D (at least I was). It has the capability to draw planes thru a part and take the intersection of the plane and the part. Then you just take that intersection, project it at 1 to 1 size, and either print or trace it onto a surface. Of course you have to do each intersection, so the more resolution you have (the closer the intersections are to each other), the more templates you have to make.

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    Re: Going from CAD To Part

    that's more like it! any more details like that? like an idiots guide to doing it? i know there are other ways to do it when you have the 3d model but it would still be handy to know this method

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