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Thread: Fiero Turbo

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    Fiero Turbo

    Just curious...anyone have a turbo in their stock 2.8? I'd be curious about which vendor you bought from and if you did it yourself how many hours it really took to install it.

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    Re: Fiero Turbo

    It probably takes close to 2 days to install and just 2 minutes to destroy the engine.. :-X
    For the price it would probably be cheaper to just throw a 3800 s/c in the car and you would have more power and reliability than a turbo 2.8.. The stock GM 2.8 is not the best engine to try and get extra power out of since it has many design and mechanical limitations from the start that will most likely cause the engine to fail if you try and get substantial power gains.. If you must have a turbo, do a 3800 s/c swap and pull the charger off and throw a turbo on the very boostable engine..

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    Re: Fiero Turbo

    I would not recommend turboing a stock 2.8 liter V6. If you want a turboed stock looking motor for some reason, use a 3.4 Liter V6 pushrod engine block and dress it with the Fiero components. I currently have a 3.4 Liter engine with a turbo and it is a nice improvement over the stock engine. A 3800 SC engine is an even nicer improvement but it is more complex to wire/install.

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