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    Countach headlights

    Hello again! I hope everyone doesn't get tired of my constant questions and new topics. I am starting to work on the headlight buckets for my IFG. Can anyone post pictures of the buckets, front and back, and of the hinge and motor areas. The IFG video that I have is very poor and of course not very helpful. I am not seeing how to install the actual bulbs in the buckets. I understand how to hang the buckets and hinge them, but a pic of the motor bracket would be oh so helpful. I am wanting to smooth and sand them while they are still out also. Do I fill imperfections with bondo and then sand? Or do I need to use a different filler? This seems to be everyones "sticky" project on this car and I figure to hit it first while my interest is high. Also, I think I ran into some wiring info to get both lights to work,,,,ring a bell with anyone? :-/

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    Re: Countach headlights

    I am also building an IFG/25TH and have made it past the headlight bucket area. The headlight with the chrome ring go into the gold brackets which are then attatched to the white bracket that mounts inside the bucket. You will have to notch the bracket because the headlight has little centering"bumps". The lingage to the motor was the trickiest part. Ray gives you these cheesy arms...but i could not get them to work right.I ended up using the stock fiero headlight arm and the triangle shaped piece that mounts that arm to the motor...once i did that the pod would raise and lower correctly. good luck ...yea the video is junk.. I have decieded to mount all my parts and get them mechanically sound and then go back during the "body" phase
    and make it look right. Are you talking about having both light working in low beam and high beam? I saw a harness for that in Sumitt catalog...but it would be easy enough to wire it...let us know. Its better to use catalyst and cloth or catalyst with fiber powder to make the edges smooth..with the powder you can make it as thick as you want. I have heard that the bondo can shrink after a happened to my buddys lambo. Bondo is good where you wont see it...but not on the painted surfaces .


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    Re: Countach headlights

    You assume too much! ;D I have NO parts from Ray. I have just two fiberglass buckets. I found a guy here locally that is building a diablo and has gone with fixed headlights. He is going to sell me his motors and brackets. I will get these to work on my kit. Anyone know what mods might need to be made? I will take your advice on the "arms" though. Thanks. I am going to the auto parts store to get advice on the light install and look at options. Maybe some "older" Corvette stingray type retainer rings? Thanks again for the advice!

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    Re: Countach headlights

    you may wanna check this out

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    Re:Countach headlights

    I used headlight rings from a Corvair on my IFG. I didn't get anything for mine either. Just the bucket and the 1/2in steel frames. I went to Auto Zone and bought adjuster screws from the Help section. Cut square holes and used JB Weld to bond them in. This took some time to get them in the right place but they work much better than the junk screws that were sent from IFG. You'll need to add filler to the areas were the screws are so you can bore out an access to adjust them from the front. I used my Dremel with a small sanding drum for this.

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