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Thread: Superleggera by The Custom Shop

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    Superleggera by The Custom Shop

    I thought I would share this it is a video someone took I just happen to have a friend run acrossed it and send it to me.

    Here is the link to my website.

    this shows build pics from start to finish
    12 weeks total build time lots of 20 hr days though.
    LS4 (Grand Prix GXP motor and trans) Paddle shifters
    heads up display, traction control, ABS brakes, Power steering, A/C
    cruise, Corvette C5 front susp, with QA1 coilover and torsion swaybars, Firestone air ride raises front extra 3 " for clearance,Corvette C4 rear susp, QA1 coilover and torsion sway bars in back, Corsa Stainless steel exhust from C5 vett, Cadillac Sts led tail lights Eruo model, Motorized Trunk lid and engine cover and bat wings, all by remote control, HID headlights, 20" front and 22" rear wheels Perrelli tires 305/25/22 rear, 265/30/20 front,
    Wilwood 6 piston brakes with 14" rotors cross drilled, 5,000 watt audio system 4 - 10" slim Sony woofers, 4 - 6.5" Sony Highend Components with Ribbon tweeters, 2 - 7" tv in side bat wing flips up, 2- 7" tv are head up display on windshield, 1 - 7" HDTV in center of dash, 1 - 7" tv in steering wheel and 1- 20" HDTV in the front trunk, with 3 Kinetik batteries, This is all I can think of off the top of my head. LOT of WORK. in 12 weeks.

    I hope you all enjoy.

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    Re: Superleggera by The Custom Shop


    I just went through the build pics. Outstanding work. All in 12 weeks? Makes my many years on mine pale in comparison. ;D

    Thanks for sharing.

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Re: Superleggera by The Custom Shop

    Yeah, I love the car but would pimp it out.. Oh wait, its already is pimmmped to the max.. ;D

    Its not OEM Lambo, but its Perfect.. Fantastic job.. 8)

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    Re: Superleggera by The Custom Shop

    I love that car...

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    Re: Superleggera by The Custom Shop

    Very Nice!!

    I know its a show car, but is it road worthy? Does it drive well? I know a lot of show cars are only made to move under there own power on and off a car trailer.

    You have a very talented shop to be able to build that car in 12 weeks. My hats off to you guys.

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    Re: Superleggera by The Custom Shop

    oh yes I put 4,000 to 5,000 miles on it last year. and hope for more then that this year. Thanks

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    Re: Superleggera by The Custom Shop

    Gorgeous car man! Truly a work of art! All these great lambo builds that have been popping up are really making me think that when I finish my F40 in 2015 (LOL) I will have to pick up a Lambo of some sort for my second build.


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    Re: Superleggera by The Custom Shop

    Wow, beautiful car. What kit was used to make it?

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    Re: Superleggera by The Custom Shop

    12 weeks build time?? Wow! Great job! Nice car! Thanks for posting.

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    Re: Superleggera by The Custom Shop

    I am not sure but I think the body was the g28??? I was told by JVD that he built it or had a fiberglass guy build it. But it was reallllly rough. so I dont realy know for sure. Glad you like it. It is a blast to drive. My son and I enjoy cruisen when ever we get a chance.

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