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Thread: help me find these Brake Rotors ?

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    help me find these Brake Rotors ?

    these were with all my parts when i built my diablo .
    i have no receipts for them and no clue where they came from ?

    is there a place that sells them or were they drilled for the 5x100 bolt pattern ?

    they are 13" front and 12" rear but i would like to find a set of 13" for all the way around on my new build
    i believe they are corvette .
    i am going to stick with the 5x100 bolt pattern and run 1" adapters to convert to any wheel bolt pattern i want .
    i need these rotors and my adapters before i can figure out what length of a-arms i need made .

    the adapters are no problem but where can i find these rotors ??



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    Re: help me find these Brake Rotors ?

    HI all,

    The only vendor I know of that sells this staggered setup is in the url posted below..... Formerly Held Motorsports....
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    Re: help me find these Brake Rotors ?

    This is the other one..

    There is no reason to put larger rotors on the rear performance wise, it must just be for looks.. They have a 13" kit for the rear though..

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