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Thread: Need advice - welding tools

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    Need advice - welding tools

    I'm not good at brands and specs.
    anyone have experience or have info if these is good for home built DIY.
    i cant affort to buy all of them separately. My country's tax making those very expensive.
    A normal 220 wire feed MIG welder cost about $600 without gas tank, gun(torch), clamp and such..
    While a used and lousy plasma cut cost about 600~700...yes..USED...
    i need plasma cutter because i might need to custom made ext manifold myself.
    The flange is quite thick..

    I may be going for extreme's murci kinda project later.
    Starting to gather more info about tools needed...

    Gurus and pros, Please advice.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Need advice - welding tools

    I have not ever used one of those machines. But here are some general things you need to consider. Although it may say 160 TIG, it will not weld at 160 amps very long. Look at the duty cycle at 160 amps. If it is 10% duty cycle at 160 amps then you can only weld 1 minute out of every 10 or it will overheat. TIG is better than MIG in a lot of catagories but speed is not one of them. If you were to tig an entire chassis I would say it would take 7 to 10 times more time. If you are looking for a mig to build chassis with, don't buy anything under 210 or so amps at 30-40% duty cycle. Over the years I have had miller, lincoln, hobart but ESAB seems to be my favorite. I bought one of my guys a "chinese" tig welder because I would not let him use mine and it is a $400 boat anchor.

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    Re: Need advice - welding tools

    Harbor freight has an inexpensive TIG. No foot pedal, so some folks were modifying a guitar pedal for the current control?!?!
    I personally have a CUT40, stand alone plasma cut. Paid about $400, and other than a 'retrofit' in the handle, no problems. I LOVE THIS TOOL! This thing has saved my butt soooo many times. The labor alone this has saved is worth the money. I have built a custom exhaust header out of 3/8" plate, completely with the CUT 40, die grinder with carbide bits. Goes through 3/8" plate no problem. I would recommend the lunchbox-style inverter plasma outfits, not sure about the combo (TIG-MIG-PLASMA) units. Eric

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    Re: Need advice - welding tools

    Hi pros, Thanks for the advice(s).
    So, what we have here is 40 (or more) for plasma cut and 220(or more) for welder will
    good for the Home DIY built.
    So, i think a 3in1 is good to save space and of course, $$$... ;D ;D ;D...

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