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Thread: convertable weather stripping

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    convertable weather stripping

    do you all know what kind of weather stripping i should use to finsh all my convertable top to make it fit watertight to the windshield???

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    Re:convertable weather stripping

    You can use the weather stipping from a Trans AM convertible. It will give you a nice clean finish.


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    Re:convertable weather stripping

    What type of top are you using? I need one for my car. I contacted Mike Vetter today to inquire about one of his designs that use a Sunbird Header Bar.
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    Re:convertable weather stripping

    well i dont have a top yet i was hopeing that you guys know of the best top to use. i got a few quotes but they are very pricey. i have the entire hook up for the top i only need the canvas. if anyone know of a good canvas top thats not to much please let me know. also is there any top from another car i might could use on my 355 spyder?

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