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Thread: Firebird dash???

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    Firebird dash???

    alright i was wondering how hard it would be to install a firebird dash in my 87 fiero also i was wondering if i could use the instrument pannel like the speedomether, rpm gauge, ect????

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    Re:Firebird dash???

    Do a search on Pennock's forum. There are some installing them over there!

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    Re:Firebird dash???

    Hi i went to that site but it just took me in circles, it just like Ari site. if anyone has worked with a firebird dash please inform me on the way i install it, Thanks

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    Re:Firebird dash???

    HollowMan well it took a little reading and a little interpurting but i think that i got the dash figured out and it is not as hard as i thought i think that we might be able to put it into place in a weekend if we work hard enough i will talk to you tonight to clear it up for you folk see ya in the Lab holla....
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