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Thread: Hi Please Please Help Me

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    Hi Please Please Help Me

    I am begging for your help as when it comes to kit cars I have no idea. My husband has just sold his motorbike, (we lost a few friends last year in biking accidents and he has decided it is to dangerous), but due a change in his shifts he is now working 4 days in off 6 days and I know he will be itching for something to do. This is after he has completed the list of jobs I have for him ;D ;D ; Anyway it was always his childhood dream to have a kit car, he loves westfields, robin hoods etc etc, so with this in mind I have decided to buy him a kit car as a surprise present.
    This is where you come in!!!! (I HOPE). I have arranged to view two kit cars tomorrow with a friend who is very good at tinkering with cars and know engines inside out, but he has never had any dealings with kit cars.
    The cars I am viewing both have SVA certificated and valid MOT's, but I am now hoping that you on here, (The experts ), can help me with some points on what to be looking for. Also what documentation should be present with the car.
    Any assistance you could give me would be more than greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Hi Please Please Help Me

    If one was made by the kit manufacturer and the other not, I would probably go with the one made by the manufacturer as this is normally the safer bet. This is not always the case as the home made can be better finished, but if your a novice to this, it's the safer way out.
    I know you want to surprise your husband but maybe tell him to go look for himself.
    There are many different types out there for different things. Some are for posing, some are for track days others are compromised road cars. I think it would be fun for him to choose what suits him best.
    Good luck whatever you choose. ;D

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    Re: Hi Please Please Help Me

    Hope god is on your side and won't guide u to a JVD's built kitcar... ;D

    What type of kitcar u are seeing? Murcielago? Diablo? Ferrari?

    Dont place your downpayment first.
    Snap a few picts of them. inside out, engine, (and best under it) and post here.
    That will helps alot..

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    Re: Hi Please Please Help Me

    Are you in the UK? If so you shoulf try

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    Re: Hi Please Please Help Me

    Hi, I agree with MunkyKing, while it is fantastic having a gift like this, I think cars are a personal thing and most men will prefer to choose there own.
    Nice thought and nice present, good luck finding the right car.
    aka MADMAN.

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