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Thread: G50 Porsche Q/A!!!

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    G50 Porsche Q/A!!!

    Ok Guys and gals I just got off the phone with Erik From Carquip, he is VERY informative and I think he is going to join us here. I joined the GT40s website but got removed because on my Email address, I like it better here anyway. I joined for tech info on the G50, and met up with Erik over there here is what he posted in my question thread.

    The G50 is a great gearbox for your application, with the correct modifications, in my opinion. A spray bar is not needed, if you install a good transaxle cooler and pump, which I very much recommend.

    Heat is the biggest killer of gearboxes running in the inverted position. There are several things internally that need to be done, again in my experience, that many people do not consider.

    New oiling area need to be drilled and installed so that you get adequate oil movement from front to back, and good overall oil cooling.

    Many people do not do this, and simply change the file, drain and vent locations. This is not the best way of doing an inversion, as the oiling passages that were originally in place, are now on the wrong side of the gearbox, thereby limiting the amount of oil that actually circulates through the gearbox. Heat can build up as a result and issues can arise.

    We can certainly help you and others with the inversion, as well as diagnose the forward gearing issues. Let me know when you get the gearbox in and I am sure that we can work something out to help you with your build.

    It was good speaking with you, btw and I hope to be a part of your future build.

    Warmest Regards,

    Erik Johnson
    Carquip Sales
    (303) 443-1343 ext 2 work
    (720) 980-9407 cell

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    Re: G50 Porsche Q/A!!!

    Happy to be here, please feel free to contact me with any questions that I might be able to help with.

    Also I have found someone who can help you with your molding ideas.

    Give me a call.

    Erik Johnson
    Carquip Sales
    (303) 443-1343 ext 2 work
    (720) 980-9407 cell

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