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Thread: Door sleeve delema

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    Door sleeve delema

    i put the door sleeve on my fiero door but there is a gap between the fiero door and the fiberglass door sleeve dose anyone know how i can fix that??? thanks

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    Re:Door sleeve delema

    I'm not sure what you mean by "sleeve" but if you are referring to the outter Fiberglass door skin as it attaches to the Fiero's metal door frame then...

    What I did was use 1/4 double sided foam tape to help hold the thing in place and insulate it from vibrating. One it was in the exact right place, I bolted it down tight. From there, use Black Rubber or silicone sealer to fill up any remaining gap. Use can shape and mold the stuff while it's wet but onse it dries, it's up to your razor blade skills to work out any imperfections.

    Try to make it look EOM and flow smoothly. Run your finger from a place that connot be seen on the door to another place that connot be seen. That way, the smoothing looks consistant and the edge that is created by pulling your finger away is hidden. Let dry before you touch it again!

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