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Thread: Ferrari 360- Finally

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    Ferrari 360- Finally

    After 15 years in kit cars, building them and driving them, i finally took the plunge and bought myself the real thing, a sweet 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena F1. 39 000km on the clock, black interior!

    Anyway, on startup there is a white thick smoke which comes up. Anyone can tell me what this could be?

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    Re: Ferrari 360- Finally

    Congrat!! Nothing quite like it, right? What a amazing feeling to drive that car...

    I have seen the same at startup on another 360. It was a very big and thick white cloud. It did it for about 5 secs or soo. I was talking with the owner while he fired the engine, it appeared to be bussiness as usual for him.

    I'm not a specialist but I don't think it's unsual when the engine is cold. I would suggest to ask the question on

    Enjoy your new ride

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    Re: Ferrari 360- Finally

    thank, it actually is a big thick white cloud...smells sweet. engine was cold, it is winter as well here now...dunno, but why does it do that? it's quite embarassing when it does it in public...

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    Re: Ferrari 360- Finally

    The sweet smell might be coolant. I think, but again I'm no mecanic, the overall tolerance of the engine when cold is way different vs. when the engine is hot. This might explain why some fluids seep between the rings and cylinder walls. I think this is why high-end engines burn a small amount of oil at startup (until the piston rings and cylinder walls expand). But again, don't take my word for it.

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    Re: Ferrari 360- Finally

    It sounds like just a bit of oil burning as start-up . I wouldn't be too concerned unless oil consumption is high between oil changes.

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    Re: Ferrari 360- Finally

    If like AP said the smell is "sweet" it may be coolant. Oil smoke is not sweet smelling, dont the 360's have small "O" rings for cylinder seals??? Could be one has a small leak, a cold engine cylinder pressure test could show it with bubbles in the radiator.

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    Re: Ferrari 360- Finally

    hi really hope the 360 turns out well for your sir,i also owned a genuine 360f1 about 3 yrs ago,if it were coolant im sure youd get a 741 diagnostic code,or as was the caes with my 360 it would keep jumping into limp mode!!!!!i worked for,and loved the car,it was my 3rd real ferrari and by far the best,sadly though the limp mode activating all too often ruined my love affair with it,again i think coolant would trigger the code and the limp home system.cheers jon.

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    Re: Ferrari 360- Finally

    White smoke with a sweet smell is usually coolant. If it only does it when cold, it probably indicates a slow leak in a head gasket that drains coolant into the cylinders while it is parked, then once the car is started it will burn it out of the cylinders. This is actually a very dangerous condition because when the coolant burns off, it turns to steam which effectively steam cleans the cylinders and washes the oil off the walls. This can lead to very premature piston or piston ring failure as well as scored cylinder walls. That is bad news in a $25000 engine.

    I would suggest adding some sort of penetrating oil such as Z-Max for the extra protection, change your oil frequently, and get it into the Ferrari dealer to get it checked out as soon as possible.

    Good luck, I hope that you find it is something very minor.

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    Re: Ferrari 360- Finally

    yeeap, if it was black smoke , it would be a different story, buuut its not , in fewer words, your engine is not going to last long, i give it a year, :-\ depending on your driving , maybe a little bit longer, enjoy it for a few months and then sell sel sell

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    Re: Ferrari 360- Finally

    If it were coolant it would likely show some other issues. Like running hot, running very rough, missing coolant and having to add coolant. If white smoke on start-up is your only symptom then it is more than likely just very fuel rich on start-up. Some Ferrari's seem to do it. I have a 355 customer who's car has done it for years. If it is just fuel, nothing to worry about. If it does not clear up within a minute or so get it checked because that much fuel rich will wash your rings out. Not sure about the sweet smell... Maybe you are like me and it is the sweet smell of unburnt high test.

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