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Thread: 6-speed fiero

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    6-speed fiero

    4T80E Transmission-
    Mercedes makes a 4speed auto trans. GM does not. The 700R4, 2004R, 4T40E, 4T65E & the 4T80E are 3 speed trans. with an overdrive gearset added. The normal shift sequence is:
    1st = 1st w/o overdrive
    2nd=2nd w/o overdrive
    3rd=3rd w/o overdrive
    4th=3rd with overdrive
    Ranchers pulling horse trailers in the mountains had the problem of 1st gear too low, 2nd gear too high. This problem was solved years ago. They have modified their valve bodies to get this shift sequence:
    1st=1st gear w/o overdrive
    2nd=1st gear with overdrive
    3rd=2nd gear w/o overdrive
    4th=2nd gear with overdrive
    5th=3rd gear w/o overdrive
    6th=3rd gear with overdrive
    A smart fella could do this mod to a 4T65E or 4T80E in a fiero. Install a 1 thru 6 LED panel mounted indicator. Add steering wheel mounted, paddle actuated electrical switches.
    People might think you’re driving an F1 tranny.

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    Re:6-speed fiero

    My only question is how much?

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