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Thread: V8 Tensioner

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    V8 Tensioner

    Anyone installed a tensioner on their V8 build? I saw one on Pennock's, but they used a turnbuckle and pulleys from a hardware store. It must have worked, but I really would like something a little better looking since I have a body kit and all new motor components. I have the LM-1 350 and I am using a single groove deep V pulley.


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    Re: V8 Tensioner

    On my Caddillac V8 Fiero, just went through a junkyard, found something that would fit the belt, and built a bracket to mount it to the engine. I think it happened to be from a Ford Taurus, but at any rate, it works well, and doesn't look cobbled together. The pulley covers most of the bracket we built.

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