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Thread: Wheelbase stretch...easy? expensive?

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    Wheelbase stretch...easy? expensive?

    How easy/difficult is it to stretch the wheelbase of a front engined, rear wheel-drive car?
    Is it structually safe/unsafe to do so?

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    Re: Wheelbase stretch...easy? expensive?

    The main difficulty would be getting accurate measurements and plans. If you're extending the rear, you just have to move the rear suspension back, along with the fuel lines and exhaust. Either move the existing suspension mounts or make new ones. As long as the measurements are correct from multiple angles, the process should be fairly straightforward.
    As far as strenth and structural integrity, the more steel you add, particularly if you have multiple angles, and weld to strong points on the existing body, you'll be fine. Add in as much structure as you need. The only downfall is adding more weight, which I wouldn't consider too big a deal.

    I suppose you could also move the front wheels forward. In that case, you'd just cut the car in half forward of the firewall, move everything forward, and patch some steel in the new gap. The steering column would have to be longer, and the exhaust, and the wiring would likely have to be lengthened. Might take some time, but it would be fairly straightforward.

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    Re: Wheelbase stretch...easy? expensive?

    What car are you doing?? Personally I never thought making a unibody car longer was a good idea. Thats why I sold my LP body, using the Fiero tub and a tube frame looked like the best idea after I did more reading.

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    Re: Wheelbase stretch...easy? expensive?

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