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Thread: Midengine AWD

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    Midengine AWD

    I am planning a kit car build it will include the following Engine and transmission

    BMW E92 V8 Engine
    Quaife Six Speed Straight Cut Dog Engagement Gearbox

    The problem that i have is that i want the car to be AWD in the same way as the Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Gallardo, so the engine almost sits behind the rear axle.

    Can anyone suggest how i can send the power from the mid mounted engine to both the front and back wheels, or any cutaway pictures of examples.


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    Re: Midengine AWD

    If the trans is made to be used with a driveshaft going to the front then its easy. If not then you will need a different trans and or Porsche C4 trans and a 1to1 transfercase like from a Syclone to put power to the front diff.

    I looked at the trans I think you are talking about, its not made to be AWD or mid mounted. They have 4wd and Porsche style transaxles but not both in one trans.

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