To All:

I was cleaning out one of my file cabinets and came across some measurements that are to make a Fiero chassis into the LP640 chassis. I was once going to build one but am not anymore, so before I threw this paper out I thought that I'd post the info for anyone else that may need it and doesn't have the time to do the research.

Wheelbase: *The Fiero needs to be stretched 11.5" so the wheel base is authentic*
FIERO 93.4" LP640 104.9"

Front Track: *The Fiero's front wheel width needs to be a total of 4.7" wider (2.35" each side)*
FIERO 59.7" LP640 64.4"

Rear Track: *The Fiero's rear wheel width needs to be a total of 6.6" wider (3.3" each side)*
FIERO 60.1" LP640 66.7"

I hope this info helps someone... and make sure you have a great time with your build!