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Thread: Different 355 Kits - 1000 questions about it

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    Different 355 Kits - 1000 questions about it


    my name is Michael and I come from Germany.
    I hope you can get me, my english isn't very well. :-)

    I plan a 355 body conversation of a Fiero in the near future and therefore I has read a lot about the different possibilities. I donīt want a 355 Spider or a GTS, it have to be a Berlinetta!

    Now I have a couple of questions about the different Ferrari F355 Kits these are available.

    where can I buy it?
    quality ( 1 = well / 4 = badly )
    streched / non-streched version?
    separate side skirt?
    fender / frontbumper separate?
    complete roof?
    build instructions ( 1 = well / = 4 badly )

    Who can answer me some questions about the kits listed below?

    Fiero Factory
    IFG / Warlock
    Perry Designs
    Pauls' Exotics
    B & B Spyder
    CK 3
    Fancy Car
    John Watson
    Used Fiero Parts
    Fiero Conversions, Inc.
    Composite Exotic Technologies, Inc.
    Car Factory

    Thanks a lot.


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    Re:Different 355 Kits - 1000 questions about it

    My opinion for the ABSOLUTE best 355 berlineta would be the Mirage or Air Dynamics. No body else comes close in Quality, Authenticity, or craftsmanship.;threadid=1119
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    Re:Different 355 Kits - 1000 questions about it

    Michael, welcome! For CK3, you may read about them under Consumer Alerts! I don't believe he is in business any longer, but, his website is still up! Made an excellent car, to bad he couldn't run the business without ripping people off!

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    Re:Different 355 Kits - 1000 questions about it

    B&B is a copy of air dynamics,nuff said.

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