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Thread: Question about suspension setup...

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    Question about suspension setup...

    I plan to build a racecar. As donor car I was thinking about an Opel (Vauxhall) Calibra. I would use the engine and the suspension ONLY. the car will have a tubular frame chassis. I would move the engine to the back (since the Calibra has independent susp. at the rear, and several models were 4wd), but the problem I'm thinking about is the suspension. The wheelbase will be 10cm (4in) shorter and maybe the track will be slightly smaller too. Should I keep the original suspension settings (camber, etc.), or should I use settings from a similar footprint rear(mid)engined racecar? (note, i would use the original arms)

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    Re: Question about suspension setup...

    Sorry, maybe my question was not clear enough. I wanted to ask that I should keep the Calibra's wheel alignment as it was, eaven if the wheelbase will be shortened bu 10cm (4in), or should I set the wheel alignment to the specs of a similar wheelbased rear engine car? (keep in mind, all suspension parts will be used from the Calibra)

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