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Thread: AD355 spider door jambs

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    AD355 spider door jambs

    Ok, I am at the point where I am ready to try to get the rear quarters on the car.... but I am really unsure how to do the door jambs. I have the quarters witht he full 355 door jambs. My preference is to leave the door latch where it is currently and not relocate it.

    I have seen some of your pics with building your own door jambs, but has anyone used the OEM door jambs and made them work with the fiero door latches? What do I need to cut away from the B-Pillar and the rear quarters to make it work? Does anybody have any pictures?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Re: AD355 spider door jambs

    There are a couple issues with this but major problem with using the OEM jam is that the steel on the inside of the door will actually hit it when closed. The reason for this is that the jam is at an angle and the OEM door has a matching angle. What most others have done is use the flat panel door jam that comes standard with the AD355 and either just paint a black area to simulate a hole or actually cut a hole into it. All that being said, it is possible to use a modified version of the OEM jam but to be honest, it is A LOT of work but it is very possible and looks 100% better in my opinion. Now I am going off memory here but the second issue will be that the Fiero latch in its stock location ends up inside the air duct opening so you either have to modify your door or modify the jam and in my case I chose the door. Here is a link to my build with all the details on how I did it. it starts about the bottom of page 2.

    My plan was to use the OEM vents inside the quarter which meant cutting the "B" pillars out anyway so I do not know if the jams would fit without cutting them or not... I lso wanted to have a weather tight seal. If you want to go down this path let me know and I will fill you in on what I found out and had to work around on mine. Keep in mind also that I am using the OEM 355 door latch and catch but I see no reason why a fiero one wont work.

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    Re: AD355 spider door jambs

    I used the stock Fiero parts using a slightly modified door scoop. Al is documented in FunnyWheels Going Topless
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