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Thread: cutting up a uni body

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    cutting up a uni body

    hey guys, wondering if this would work.. Friend of mine totaled his mitsubishi evolution a few weeks back. He's bought the car back from the insurance and has started to part it out. He really dosn't want to part with it so I suggested the possibility of doing proto's enzo body over the car. The wheelbase is only 1" too short of the real enzo so I dont think it would effect the look to much.

    Just wondered how badly the structural integrady of the car would be affected by chopping the roof, and quarter panels. As is I would assume it would be serverly comprimised but what about putting strength back into the chassis by adding tube bracing and roll cage? Or is that still not enough?

    also by comparing the track of the evo to the enzo it looks like he would have to run 4" spacers.. since they dont build a wide track setup for that car, would some good quality spacers hold up for some track lapping events?

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    Re: cutting up a uni body

    spacers will hold up, body iffy?

    front spension has to go and new ones have to be fab up, rear shock towers could stay if your lucky. its all about clearance issues, front engine has to be relocated to the rear. plus your going to have problems at the MTO, once it goes to saftey considering if the car has been in an accident they require pictures of the car up on a frame machine and has to be repaired, inspected all the good bs that you have to jump through plus all the reciepts that was used to repair the car. but if you can by pass all that, bring it on down me and my team will make some magic happen.

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    Re: cutting up a uni body

    Quote Originally Posted by prototype2
    spacers will hold up, body iffy?
    Prototype PM sent

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