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    Does anyone know what D&R is. I was told they sell lambo replicas, but I can't find them I got my car from car kit inc and they do not come with the middle console. Where in the h--l can I get that piece. I tried to find them on the net and could not, need middle console, help guys, Mike ?????

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    Re: console

    arnt you selling you ride?

    mike made center consoles near the right elbow of the driver. it loows awsome with dimond stichign on it. i bought a pair. you should to. but...arnt you selling your ride?

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    Re: console

    d and r made diablos, they are no longer here but you can catch former d and r kelly hayes his name on here is italiandesigns he is located in oklahoma. heres an email

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    Re: console

    Kelly built kits from several manufacturers and was not tied to D&R other than a builder. I have the second gen D&R molds and Rick Greco (the "R" in D&R) still has the 3rd (last) gen of molds. You can reach Rick through Tom at 828-713-3303. Tell him Bart sent you, he will sell you parts. If that don't work, contact me and I'll make it for you. I'm just really busy and would rather you buy from Tom.

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