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Thread: Transmission Q:

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    Transmission Q:

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, great place! An aquaintance from another forum suggested I come here since I'm interested in kit cars, fiberglass, etc.

    I'll kinda give a brief history of me.. been working on cars mechanically and electrically for 24years. Holy freakin' cow i'm getting old Well, i'm 37 so i guess I'm not too old. I went to school and did my apprenticeship for machinist trade... worked for about 14 years in manufacturing with metals and plastics. I recently got tired of the metals trade ( underpaid) so I started my own business in composites work. I do plug design and mold building, and parts lay up with carbon fiber. Been doing this for about 3 years now. As a hobby over the years I have loved working on cars and a few motorcycles... mostly I enjoy rebuilding them and customizing. I was fortunate enough over the years to pick up on the skills of autobody work and painting. Hanging out with my "hotrod" friends over the years I have learned and rebuilt many gas engines and gotten dirty installing and tuning them.

    So now onto things I am not good at: car transmissions knowledge, and computer systems.

    I recently became interested in building a "kit car" from scratch.... body, chasis,etc. I was thinking of using a late model Vette engine and making the car a mid-engine design. Problem is i have no idea of what transmissions/transaxles are available for such? I have seen Tatum brand and other brand extreme sandrails that use Vette engines and they are rear or mid engine using a special transmission.

    Any ideas for me... or should I just go engine-up-front? I have not designed the chasis or body yet so I'm open to changing my ideas.

    Thanks!! ...and thanks DarrelK

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    Re: Transmission Q:

    Assuming you want to fit the engine in longitudanlly and not transverse, theres lot of gearbox options for you both auto and manual.

    Probably the easiest way to go is look for a trans-axle gearbox, where the output shafts are pretty close to the input shafts. In european cars (I'm in the UK) are on Audi's (a4,a6,a8) , (porsches 924,928 and 944) and some BMW's. These will all be prerry cheap off ebay,
    If you want to go exoctic, then Hewland transmission will sort you with a range of box's used on GT cars, ferraris and Lambos, roughly starting at about $20K and up.

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    Re: Transmission Q:

    It depends if your going with a stick shift or automatic and what kit do you plan on building?A Lambo kit wont work with an engine up front (unless some knows diffrentley).A Cobra kit will accept the engine up front.Allso it depents on how deep your pockets are $$$,how much do you plan on spending?A Lambroghini kit can easiley run $20,000 Plus...$$$ and I say that conservativley.More technical Fiero questions can be posted at:
    Yes, a V8 Corvett motor will fit in a Fiero.
    The road to life is full of flat squirrels, who couldn't make up their mind!

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    Re: Transmission Q:

    Nice on the Porsche and Audi gear boxes! thank you.

    I'm thinking mid engine or if front engine pushing the engine back 6 to 8 inches compared to say a vette engine location. I prefer a standard trans vs automatic.

    The design I'm thinking McLarren look and building from scratch.

    Is there a company that makes adaptor kits for LS1 engine to Porsche or Audi gear box?

    I'm not a big fan of premade kits using Fieros or other cars as a donor. The only one I have seen like that that I like is the Factory5 Cobra and it uses it's own chasis. I still can appreicate the guys and work that goes into the box kits.

    It may be cost efficient to source an entire car and scrap the chasis.. I would get brakes, trans, engine, computer, wiring, etc.

    I saw the 924 and 944 transmissions.. is that longitudinal engine?

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    Re: Transmission Q:

    try k.e.p. for trans adapters

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    Re: Transmission Q:

    I have another question... do any of the Porsche 996, 944 or 924 transmissions require special electronics?

    Thank you for the K.E.P advice... they do make an adaptor kit for the LS1 and LS2 V8 to Porsche 996 transmission.

    Just saw this on ebay, engine and all...

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    Re: Transmission Q:

    Yo Cf, the Porsche trannies should be a slam dunk , Electronics shouldn't be an issue unless you go with any of the Tiptroni versions. Those are basically manual valve bofy autos, which require a module to control the paddles.

    The Tatum cars and most off road desert stuff you see usually use a Mendeola, they are fantastic transmissions, but not used widely on the street. They do ame a Street version, but pricey at over 6k. Most of their stuff is dog gear engagement, so no synchros..very HD, but noisey. Who cares in a race buggy, not nice in a street car. Also all the Mendeolas use a Porsche BH pattern so they use a Porsche adapter to the engine.

    Porsche 944 will not work directly, they are a rear trans , no provision for a motor plate. The Audi 016 are the same guts as the 944 essentially, and Kennedy makes adapters for all BUT not LS series due to starter position problems. Cheaper trans, but will not take the HP as will a G50, about the same as a 915..

    So you have different options out there, first decision will be based on which engine you choose, next will be how much HP you're running.Finally and always on all our minds, budget, leave an extra $1000 in the bank for clutch/flywheel/adapter pkg no matter which one you choose.<br />

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    Re: Transmission Q:

    I recommend talking with the guys from renegade hybrids in las Vegas.

    I got my setup from them. Custom gearing options. They're staff is very knowledgeable. Speak to steve. Not cheap! But completely rebuilt and setup for mid engine application and a warranty!

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    Re: Transmission Q:

    This is a pic of my Audi V8 mated to a manual audi box, it mates directly no adapter plate needed. 034 motorsport sell the flywheel to suit.

    This gives you a six speed manual with 300-340hp out of the box, with plenty of upgrades available with supercharging or twin turbo options. Its about 27" from the front pulleys to driveshaft output and about 47" in total length.

    I boughta crashed Audi S8 complete and stripped the car down selling all the parts off it, making me about 3K on the deal as well as having the engine, 14" disc brake, hubs and suspension along with all the management system left for me.

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    Re: Transmission Q:

    Hey Paul, just out of curiosity, what kind of Audi Gearbox is that hanging on your motor?? It looks exactly like my 016, but with a few more external ribs and some plumbing fittings. I don't knoe about the other side of the case but this side looks almost the same.<br />

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