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Thread: lamborghini door hinges

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    lamborghini door hinges

    Can any one advise me where to get the door hinges for a murcy LP640 kit I need a set ASAP

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    Re: lamborghini door hinges

    U can choose to buy from Murcie me...
    or Extreme..(if they willing to sell it to u)..

    wish u luck! ;D

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    Re: lamborghini door hinges

    You can go over to kitcentral and contact "stts" he used to make some of the best. You can also contact Tom at 828-713-3303 someone makes them for him but they are also very nice. Tell tom I sent you so he'll know it is legit. Don't leave him a voicemail, if you don't get him call back later. They are not cheap. expect to pay around 400, but any play in those hinges will result in a door that never closes the same twice or align properly.


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    Re: lamborghini door hinges

    They were mailed Friday! Dont buy more!!!
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