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    Does anyone know if there is a kit out the is the lambo embolado. I keep hearing that the kit is out but I can't find it. Anyone, Anyone, hello anyone

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    Re: Embolado

    where did you hear that? the only 'company' that advertises the embolodo concept is superreplicas, and we all know what you'll get from them!

    i cant imagine anyone spending time making a kit of that car, there simply aren't enough buyers out there to warrant it.

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    Car Kit Inc had this kit previously offered on their website. Here is the emailed reply I got about a year ago on it. It was based on a Porshe Boxster and was about $12,000 from what I remember. They had a couple of concept pictures but it was all removed when they updated their website earlier this year to add the Reventon and the other new kits now listed on the site.

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    From: carkitinc
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    Subject: RE: Embo Question
    Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 16:00:30 -0500

    The EMBO is being designed to fit on any year Porsche Boxster and is not available yet.

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    Subject: Embo Question

    From: Chris
    Kit I'm Requesting Information About: EMBO Kit
    Message: What model year do you need for the boxster donor to work with this
    kit? Thanks!

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