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Thread: WOAH,, whats up with my crazy suspension??

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    WOAH,, whats up with my crazy suspension??

    OK what GIVES!!! Ive ripped the whole front end off and have begun to replace the cross member and bent control arms (body shop said they were bent) and I was eyeing everything up tonight and thats when I saw it.. my right side doesnt match my left side a arm. they are two totally different types. Its been like this since I bought the car, could this of been a reason i was unable to control the car as well when i was in the acident ( front just kept sliding along ) Well what it really comes down to is.. what arm goes to what car? I thought they were all the same? and what car does the one on the floor go to then? (plate where spring and shock mount, versus welded on shock mount) whats my best choice to go with now? and do my control arms look bent? they sure dont. Thank everyone.. this has really got my mind all messed up. not to mention i like to have a beer or two while workin on the car but i have a few more when a problem pops up.. LOL Ohh Its a 86 fiero SE with a 87 gt cradle/engine
    heres my pass side with the arm i was going to use
    and this is my drivers side, odd eh?

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    Re:WOAH,, whats up with my crazy suspension??

    It looks like maye you've got an '84 control arm there. The '84s are different. The lower ball joints are welded in. They are also stronger, I assume GM made them more flexible in the later years to lessen the chances of damage to the frame during a collision. One of them also allows a tighter turning radius, but I don't recall which one.

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    Re:WOAH,, whats up with my crazy suspension??

    I keep forgeting to mention what happened, My accident only involved a 3-4" curb to the pass side and well a tree at 40-50 mph that bent my bumper. This is my sheet from the body shop, repair crsmbr, frt susp / replace lower control arm Lf #10042391 / align frt susp and repair frame, at a total of about 700$ I have the parts well I think lol. And im doing the labor of putting them on but the shop will do the alignment and final work. since they would more then likly charge more for all the poly bushings im doing and upgrades. humm an 84.. that would stink. I was starting to think it might of been off a GT model. the way its setup looks like the shock would cause the arm to sit closer to the car, lowering the car a lil. Ohh is this what you mean by welded in?
    I'm at a dead stand still till i figure out what is going on here and which control arm to go with. Im about to say hell with it and just slap two lowers on my already huge bill from the fireo store. any more and one of those enhanced tube ones would be in my grasp. Thanks for your help so far. Ohh heres a lil bit of info on the arms. on my shop quote they had part # 1004239 for my SE. but what is the diff between SE and GT? my rear cradle is 87 GT.

    ""Can anyone tell me if the front lower control arms are the same on 84 thru 87 Fiero's?"
    1984 ARM, lower control (LH) 10032527 $233.00
    1984 ARM, lower control (RH) 10032528 $233.00
    1985-87 ARM, lower control (LH) 10042391 $129.00
    1985-87 ARM, lower control (RH) 10042392 $129.00
    1986-87 GT ARM, lower control (LH) 10042393 $121.00
    1986-87 GT ARM, lower control (RH) 10042394 $121.00

    The 85-87 arm was redesigned to give 1/2" more suspension travel than the 84. I do not know the difference between the GT and non-GT arms ""

    one last ?? where are the part # stamped. i cant find anything under all the grime. THANK you so much for any help.. this is my only hope since st louis seems to be a lil shy on fireo help.

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    Re:WOAH,, whats up with my crazy suspension??

    The one on your car is an '84.

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    Re:WOAH,, whats up with my crazy suspension??

    looks like the bodyshop that fixed your car cut some corners.

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    Re:WOAH,, whats up with my crazy suspension??

    POOOF Front end be gone!!

    Sad sight, but what I found was even worse. other then the 84 control arm. my drivers side ball joint is bent to a 45, dust boots smashed and blown (if they were there), and the bushing are tighter then well lets not go there due to virgin ears. WOW what a mess.. I sure hope to have her back on the road before gas prices come back down.. LOL
    P.S I was soo close to kickin it off the stands hookin it to my yukon and pulling it out into out river.. and buying a new donor to put the body on.. nahh this is fun

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