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Thread: Gear vendor for fiero.

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    Gear vendor for fiero.

    Does anyone know any place to buy gear vendor for pontiac fiero? I also like to know what might it cost.

    Is it possible to make fiero automatic transmission working with buttons in steering wheel - similar like formula 1 cars have. I think it is not impossible to make but does anyone made such or does some place have this kind kit forsale?

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    Re: Gear vendor for fiero.

    I don't know anything about the Fiero but I'll try to comment on what I know.

    One of the names for the sytem you are talking about is a 'clutchless manual transmission'. Its basically an automatic with a manual override. Porsche/Audi call it the Tiptronic. Honda has the S-matic, Chrysler the Auto-stick, and BMW the Steptronic. More specifically, the BMW uses it in the M3 with a E46 (or 36? can't remember) designation. It uses hydraulics to shift the gears but also has a normal shift lever and "paddles" on the steeringwheel.

    I haven't heard of anyone trying to adapt this to their car, but I would be interested in seeing links if anyone has them. I know you can by the BMW transmissions for about $2000 used. I don't know what their max torque and power rating is though. From looking at the 2002 M# SMG convertible, it can handle at least 333HP and 262 ft-lbs of torque.

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    Re: Gear vendor for fiero.

    I didnīt mean those BMW, Audi systems. I saw these so called "vendors" in summit catalogue. It is somekind electrical overdrive system - so if You have 3-speed automatic in Your car You can transfer it into 6-speed-automatic with this vendor. This is the product Im looking for.

    So this vendor is electrically and it means that I am able to make it work sameway as it works in Formula1 cars.

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    Re: Gear vendor for fiero.

    I have that catalog as well. Do you have the name or mnfr of the product?

    I know drag racers have that "quick shift" rachet-type shifter. It's basically an automatic - you just push the lever forward. But those systems are limited to about 2-3 gears...

    Does anyone know more about this?

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    Re: Gear vendor for fiero.

    Can anyone explain to me what a vendor is? How it works? Does it have the same charactaristics as a manual gearbox?

    Filip, the steptronic from BMW is a little bit different from the tiptronic (BMW also has a tiptronic). The steptronic is just a shifter you have to push forward or backward, it's also used by Opel (Vauxhall for you americans )

    I was thinking about this tiptronic thing it a normal gearbox with a different way to shift? or is it a completely different gearbox?

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    Re: Gear vendor for fiero.

    Gear Vendors is the manufacturer's name. They make overdrive units that bolt to the tail end of a front engine/rear drive transmission. It is a two speed unit that essentially converts a three speed auto into a six speed. They are used in trucks and street rods, and have no place in a Fiero based car.

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