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Thread: 308/328 taillight rewire ?

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    308/328 taillight rewire ?

    Does anyone know how to hook up the rear lights so they will work for a 308/328 taillight (2 red 2 amber) my car was a 86 notchback. I've got replica lights that have two "GM type" plug holes in the back of them. I would like the outer Red to be Park/Brake and the Amber to just Turn signal


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    Re: 308/328 taillight rewire ?

    The issue here is that a notchie fiero has park lights, and a combo stop/turn bulb. There is a way to do this, it needs to be wired up like a 86-88 GT Fiero. I would go to, and do a search on the forum there. I remember seeing some good threads on ther about this very issue. A GT wiring diagram can't hurt, either. Let us know how this turns out and if you need further direction.

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    Re: 308/328 taillight rewire ?

    I checked on the PFF site and didn't have any real luck....I think that I'm probably "more" confused now!!
    If anyone has info on how to do it....would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: 308/328 taillight rewire ?

    there is a simple way to do this with the actual notchback wiring set up. I did mine many years ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember how I did it but I think it had to do with replacing some sockets with ones for single intensity bulb (or cutting, disconnecting one of the wire)

    I'll check on my car when I have a chance.

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    Re: 308/328 taillight rewire ?

    I would start with electrical manual for your model year and trace things back to the switches.
    You can take a look at hoe Dale managed to "adjust" the wiring to suit his needs. Mind you he did this for his Diablo
    This link should give you some insight on the changes

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