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Thread: applying a gel coat

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    applying a gel coat

    ok another question, im finish working the doors on my 355, but the doors are primer coated, and the body has a gel coat. how could i get my doors gel coated. can i buy the gel coat or do i have to get someone to put it on. if i can buy it where do i by it, and what kind is the best.

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    Re:applying a gel coat

    Have a profesional do it.....Better safe than sory.Take them to a fiber glass shop and try and bring a sample if your going to have color added.
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    Re:applying a gel coat

    I have extra cans of the white gel coat. Non-tooling for body panels. New unopened with catalyst if need that to. Email if interested

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    Re:applying a gel coat

    Why do you feel like you have to jell coat your doors?Is there a problem with them?

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    Re:applying a gel coat

    why bother? anyway you'll block sand the whole car and slap some two pack high build primer on it or is it 100% all around? mine opinion only.

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    Re:applying a gel coat

    Hey i would like to buy that can of gel coat from you, tell me how much you will charge me for it, and how you want to take care of payment and shipping.

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    Re:applying a gel coat

    Kitcarnut what do you mean you sprayed sandable primer over your gel coat???? are you supposed to do that the body seems 100% already i could be wrong but i dont think so let me know the details folk holla...
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    Re:applying a gel coat

    Hollow: $20. I've been spamminated. Let me clean out me email. Im at 110% thanks to spam.
    Get with me on what else you may need. No high dollar hazardous charges either. Shipped out parcel w/ confirmation as golf balls. Thanks-

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    Re:applying a gel coat

    Kit man I don't know what kind of experiance do you have in body prep.take your palm pass it over the body. do you feel any high/low surface? you may not , so then take black laquer spray paint and from about 15" above splash lightly take sanding block with 180 paper and block send it. if you can't see any black spots then you have good panels. but if there are darker spots ,hey we got a sending to do .
    It took me good 100hrs to get it right on mine car.when I was finished there was no gel left. I sprayed Polyester Filler over an block again .now the car was painted in 99 and still looks good. no cracks or any other blemish.
    Ask Felix (Kitcarguy) he can tell you how long and what is it like.

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    Re:applying a gel coat

    thats a good deal ill check that out i hope im right but if not hey got to do what you got to do thanks for the info...
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