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Thread: Porsche 930 tec question

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    Porsche 930 tec question

    Hi, finally have all the clutch parts and are putting my Porsche 930 with my Chevy 350, rebuilt and now 400 hp. But do need some tec help. Does anyone have info on the tranny, I need to know where the pick up is for the gages. Thanks

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    Re: Porsche 930 tec question

    for the speed sensor?

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    Re: Porsche 930 tec question

    Looking for the speedo sensor? I assume that you have a later trans with the electronic speedo. Do you have a 915 or G50 trans? Most likely a 915........If so the sensor area should be on the side. There will be a round recessed area (approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter) with a small screw hole off to the side of it. The screw hole is used to hold a retaining clip which keeps the sensor in place. The sensor itself is plastic and is black in color. It will have a long "pigtail" wire coming out of it.

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