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    lift kit

    I have noticed on some of the diablo builds they have a lift kit that raises the car so they don't rip the front spolier off. Can any of you guys tell me what kit I should look into for my countach on a fiero chassis. I want to be able to lower the front by the push of a button when I need to. I was out driving my car the other day and got into a neighborhood with speed bumps that were the humps from hell. I hear there are air shocks you can install that has a small onboard compressor instead of going the expensive hydraulic route

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    Re: lift kit

    There are a number of ways to go. One is with a airbag suspension where the airbags are the actual suspension. These have come a long way recently with the advent of adjustable valves to adjust the "spring rate".

    The second is using airbags to raise and lower the coilover or strut mounting positions where the springs still are used for the suspension.

    The third method is hydraulics, which are quite practical nowadays. The parts and systems are all over eBay for practically nothing. They also use the concept of raising and lowering the spring mount, rather than suspending the car themselves. I put a whole system together with everything either rebuilt or replaced for under $500.00. The disadvantage of hydraulics is weight. The pump/valve assembly is quite heavy - heavier than than an air pump. Hydraulics raise the car much faster, depending on whether you have one or two batteries. The serious "hoppers" use 12-14 batteries in the trunk!

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