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Thread: heater and fog light question

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    heater and fog light question

    Hi everyone,

    Quick two questions....

    I cracked a fog light on my 328 replica, anyone know where I can get a decent looking light for a reasonable price?

    Also I disconnected the heater when I redid my interior, so I have the controls sitting in my trunk... I know awhile ago someone on here was selling a kit that fit into the center console is that still available? Or are there any other ideas or suggestions on how to tuck it away so no one would see it?


    And ps.. The waterpump and radiatior went in very smoothly!!! And car temp is running perfectly!!!

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    Re: heater and fog light question

    Not sure about the fog light for you except start looking through online parts catalogues to see what would be similar off other production vehicles. I ended up getting the 355 fog lights form a GrandAm.

    As for the HVAC controls, RiceBurner98 is the member that sells the controls. They do sit in the centre console and look outstanding. He also makes a Lamborghini control set for the Fiero now as well. Not sure if he haunts this forum much any more but I see him every no wand again on the Pennock's Fiero forum.

    A couple quick pics of one installed when we were fitting it to the centre console.

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