I know I don't need a return line on a simple carbed SBC and a Holley Red pump, but I hate an electric full pump deadheading against a closed needle and seat in traffic - plus it looks "racy".

So - without buying a new regulator with a return port, I'm going to run a line from the Holley regulator (close to the carb) back into the tank. I will have a restrictor in that 4-AN line (actually a Holley carb jet) to create some back pressure.

Should I tap my return line in to the main fuel line before, or after the regulator? My gauge at the engine is after the regulator, so either way I can set my fuel pressure against the orifice that the carb sees.

Just bought lots of nice Earl's red and blue fittings and some braided line at Summit tonight (Valhalla!) - jewelry for the car!

Opinions? It'e easy to change, but I'd like to get it rigt the first time.

Just by the way, my old fuel system was on the passenger side, but the new 180 headers and exhaust dump on that side, so I'm moving it all over to the driver's side (reworking my fuel tank as well), and adding an isolator so I can run a second (safe) fuel pressure gauge in my dash.