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Thread: Suspension Lower Arms

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    Suspension Lower Arms


    By using modified lower arms, does anyone know how much movement can be reached?

    I am thinking about a Supra front suspension move.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Re: Suspension Lower Arms

    hi kris
    a bit more information needed on what your doing and why to achieve what? its not clear in your question.
    but changing the bottom arms upsets all the geometry, movement increase comes from the shocker/spring combination if thats what your asking

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    Re: Suspension Lower Arms

    I am looking into a Supra re-body to a DBS.

    Basically I am able to get an original DBS upgrade kit (bonnet, front wings, front and rear bumpers) and DB9 parts are pretty easy to come by, so I am trying to work out a donor car.

    The Supra is a close match for the windscreen to front wheel (Extreme were considering the Supra for the Vanquish), maybe requires a little adjustment hence the question so original Aston wings can be used. Then the rear wheels shouldn't be too hard to move back for the correct wheelbase.

    I have heard about modified lower arms being used by Extreme and now MR2Kits on their GTC ?

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    Re: Suspension Lower Arms


    Does anyone have a rough idea how much play there is by modifying the lower arms ???

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    Re: Suspension Lower Arms

    if you want something pretty dam close just go with the hyundai genesis, cheaper than the supra and its new

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    Re: Suspension Lower Arms

    Thanks for the idea prototype2, but we dont have the Genesis over in the UK.

    I think I will go with a donor that is as near as damn it in dimensions and work from there.



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    Re: Suspension Lower Arms

    as far as your bump steer you never want more than .040 in a 4 inch range and that is not a desiered adjustment the closer you can get that to 0 through out your suspension travel the better it will handle. try to keep it below .020 anything more and you start feeling a shimmey or a tramping affect at higher speeds

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