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Thread: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

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    quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    Hi boys,

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    Re: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    Interesting, this is the first I have heard about the inaccuracy of our Kits and them not looking right. I was unaware that we had a completed kit in Florida.

    However I think it is great to see another shop looking to make another 430 with a different donor. We need to see more of these on the road whether it is us or someone else. Please contact us if we can help in any way. What is the name of your facility?

    DNA Autoworks

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    Re: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    I would be interested in a coupe/berlinetta on a Fiero. I'm not into convertibles. The dave jones kit on the MR2 tempts me...

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    Re: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    This Jdorr guy seems like a scammer.

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    Re: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    I'd be interested on something built on a stretched fiero. DNA is expensive and the MR2 is nothing I want to own due to my knowlege and skills w/ GM vehicles. Make one affordabe for this market if you can! E

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    Re: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    FerrariXXXman, your right that they are expensive and as you know you get what you pay for however we will consider a cheaper kit. Perhaps one that is even easier (if that is possible) and less expensive and even on a different donor.

    We are a facility that has invested a great deal of funds into what we are doing ie: rent,labor,insurance and making sure we invest of time and effort in a build to offer a full one (1) year build warranty. This is done with a low budget build. I do not think Jdorr is scam just someone trying to make a living building kits. Again I wish to help all in hopes that we see more quality kits on the streets.

    Speaking of helping, I know that their are many here that have the older 308 fiero kits. I have an left over rear engine deck (w/third brake light) if anyone is interested. The cost is free, you either pick it up or pay to have it ship.
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    Re: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    RHK, Wow. you are right. You have very good eye. Weird, appears that they already have a kit made for the fiero. I hope it is a good one and for the money you cant beat the price.

    Good luck on your success.

    DNA Autoworks

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    Re: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    Quote Originally Posted by jdorr2002
    DNA didnt mean to knock your car, very nice and cant put down the quality at all, just not for me. JRlyric since I have been on here and PFF and on Ebay far longer than you with perfect feedback in every transaction I have ever done, what gives you the impression I am a "scammer", and what exactly am I attempting to scam you out of? I rarely collect "deposits" etc. for stuff I sell and have the most liberal refund policies you will ever see. Frankly I'm a little insulted by your insinuation that has arisen from thin air, ask old timers like Ari, Funnywheels, Sandy Cowan, bartman etc etc. if I am a "scammer". An apology would be nice. As for what parts I do or dont have available and for sale, I think I made it clear I wish to be PM'ed as these are obviously sensitive issues relative to the MFR.
    I trust jdorr. He's been around this business for a long time and I've never had an issue with him.

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    Re: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    Understand, our car is not for allot and the main reason is because of the price. You started the tread by beating our car. Having a opinion is one thing but beating our car down to sell something is a bit underhanded. Got confused because you said that you were tinkering with one so natural wanted to offer our help but then appears that you have one completed and selling them.

    Because of your writings about ours I only assumed that you have seen and touched ours up close. You see there are many people here with all kinds of cars that being worked on or have completed and for us Builders to come on here and bad mouth other kits is not the right thing to do. I have personally owned many different Cobras ranging from FF to BD and have respect for all the manufactures out there. This forum is for all and not just for one. Please do not insult, one man treasure is another's mans junk and the same goes for another's mans junk is another man treasure.

    Lastly lets work together by cleaning this industry up in hopes that many can enjoy all kits whether they are cheap,expensive,too small,too big. I am sure that you have a great kit, if you wish to get together and compare the two I would welcome the opportunity. Until then please stick to selling yours with the qualities you have and not by comparing ours to yours.

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    Re: quick poll re: exacting f430spyder kit

    The time is nearly here when I will be starting a build. I had in mind a lambo or a 430 depending on accuracy of kit and of course the price. The 100% oem spec lp640 are a little too much for me considering the ammount of work that will be required to fit onto the donor. That leaves IE exotics and their modified g28 which looks great but isn't 100%. regarding the 430 i haven't seen an exact one that have caught my interest. The DNA one looks great and the ease of build is a very big plus however the front end IMO is what makes it look kind of off. One thing with DNA is that they have exellent customer support and even a warranty which in this business is a big deal. I for one would be interested in an accurate 430 if the price was good and it wouldn't take major mods to fit.

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