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Thread: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

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    Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    I have been trying to find ways to finish my car with no budget. I am working on the interior and have most of the material and parts that I need. Next is going to be the dash pod. Since spending hundreds of dollars on gauges is out of the question, I am now looking at the stock Fiero gauges. I first tried to put the Fiero gauge cluster into the 355 dash pod and that did not work. I then took off the plastic cover and the Fiero gauges fell out. This got me thinking. Has anyone ever used the stock Fiero gauges in a non stock dash pad?

    I noticed that the Fiero gauge needles come off very easily. I can have new high quality faces printed locally. I will have to build a plug adapter from the 3 Fiero dash plugs for the idiot lights and turn signals. I will be working on my car this weekend and will post pictures of my progress.

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    Re: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    I have seen a couple Fiero folks use the Fiero gauge pod in new dash concepts but they tend to fit the dash around the gauge pod shape and work it into their designs. I don't believe I have seen a Fiero gauge pod used in any builds here. Scratch that, didn't Murci-Me use the stock Fiero gauge pod in his Lambo dash with a new gauge face.

    The only thing I would say when trying to use the Fiero gauges is that being in a contained unit, I am prettysure I remember that the wiring and electronics on the back are on a single circuit board so cutting that up or trimming it to fit into the 355 gauge pod may be an interesting challenge for you. If you can get thesides to the right shape and still have everything working, that would be great as you could then easily build a face plate to cover the gauge pod and have it look pretty close to oem except for the idiot lights being in the middle of the cluster versus down around the bottom and sides.

    Good luck and I am sure you will come up with something interesting and intriguing to solve this probelm.

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    Re: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    Here we go.

    Here is the SI Interior dash pod with the gauge facing:

    Here is the dash pod casing:

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    Re: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    Fiero gauge cluster vs SI template:

    The SI template held over the Fiero cluster: (They are close)

    SI dash pod held over Fiero cluster: (It looks like I have room if I trim it a little wider)

    Fiero cluster over SI dash pod from back:

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    Re: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    Fiero gauge cluster in the raw:

    Fiero speedo, temp/gas, and tach remove from housing:
    The speedo is a little bit to tall, but there is plenty of I can remove from the top to make it fit.

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    Re: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    My first thought was to cut up my netbook, but the ECM stops advancing the spark when the OBD I is plugged in.

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    Re: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    SEND ME YOUR ADRESS an i will give you a free face ,if you cannot use it trash it
    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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    Re: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    Address sent.

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    Re: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    Brastic, if you figure out how to retrofit the stock Fiero gauges to your AD please post photos here or email me (

    Good luck!
    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re: Using Fiero gauges in AD355 build

    I will be posting all the pictures to this tread. Once done, I will also be posting pictures and instructions to my web page.

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