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Thread: Lambobuilders eManual preview

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    Lambobuilders eManual preview

    Not having adequate instruction manuals has always been an issue in this industry. I have posted a link on my blog where you can preview the first two sections of my online manual I am completing on assembling a Diablo 6.0.


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    Re: Lambobuilders eManual preview

    Great !
    Thank you man !

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    Re: Lambobuilders eManual preview

    This is great. I wrote a manual for the AD355 years ago, and if I were to do it again, I would use WordPress or Joomla. Very clean and very helpful. I know how much time and effort you have and will put into this eManual, and I say thank you. Even though I am not building a Lambo, I have learned a lot from your site.

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    Re: Lambobuilders eManual preview

    Dale, I have watched your video 5 times now, and it has shed so much light on the mounting. Questions that I felt stupid to ask were finally answered. Thank you, and I cannot wait for the finished manuel. It will help people to understand and open up new ideas for others that maybe on different kits as well. Jarod

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    Re: Lambobuilders eManual preview

    Glad it helped. I think it will be of benefit to any builder, not just a Diablo. Making the eManual has taken a long time. I have sorted through over 5000 pictures that I had taken of various builds. When I first started this project, I paid someone $1500 plus travel expenses for 3 days worth of consulting to make the build as efficient as possible. Those ideas have been incorporated throughout the manual. The section on paint and body work was what really helped me to create the show winning cars.

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