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Thread: C5 Donor?

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    C5 Donor?

    Found this on ebay.

    Wheel base is 104.5 so its the same as the Lambo Mercielago builds. I know the engine is upfront on this but I feel there is potential here and the price is not bad. Thoughts?

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    Re: C5 Donor?

    this might be a better fit for doing a Ferrari F430 rather than doing a LP640, others might have some other thoughts but think could be used either way

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    Re: C5 Donor?

    So, the corvettes's have the transaxle in the rear, engine in front. Is there a way to mate the engine directly to the transaxle? Would that give you enough room in front of the engine for a decent sized cab? I've always thought of doing something like that; maybe putting that drivetrain in a stretched Fiero? Anyone have any thoughts ?

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    Re: C5 Donor?

    The C5 would be a good donor for a 599 or any of the modern front engine, rear transmission Ferraris. They are are donors for cars like the GTM.

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    Re: C5 Donor?

    The C5 technically does not have a transaxle, it has a transmission bolted to the rear axle. So it is a pretty long package and if you put the engine onto the tranny, you couldn't fit it all in behind the seats without a really long back end.

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    Re: C5 Donor?

    so where's the chassis? ;D

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    Re: C5 Donor?

    I think this is the Z06 chassis? If I understand, the chassis is basically built around the center shaft, not the rocker panels, which you'd expect. As I understand, the Z06 and the regular coupe have different chassis'. Correct me if I'm wrong though...

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    Re: C5 Donor?

    Thats still a damn good donor car.

    LS1's are bullet proof!.

    Go find yourself a tube chassis and slap that motor and chassis together!.

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    Re: C5 Donor?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brastic
    The C5 would be a good donor for a 599 or any of the modern front engine, rear transmission Ferraris. They are are donors for cars like the GTM.
    I agree. I wish someone would put together some nice front engine supercar kits.

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    Re: C5 Donor?

    Very cool setup and about 30 minutes away from me. I actually grew up in Bristol PA. It would require a custom frame for mounting points but I often think about some sort of custom project just like this or trying to adapt certain types of bodies to a c4 or c5 drivetrain.

    Pretty cool
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