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Thread: Mr2Kits GTA build almost complete - price question?

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    Mr2Kits GTA build almost complete - price question?

    I have bought a kit from Dave last summer, and decided to get it built locally in my country. I think it was a bad decision...

    I've chosen a group who are car optical tuners (they work with fiberglass). They were unable to give an estimate for the job even in time or in price. I should have quit that time, but they've done works for me already before, and I didn't have serious problems with them.

    But now,
    The build is almost ready (in around 9-10 months - i think it was very slow for a mechanic group and they even get paid for it...), and time has come to pay them. I'm afraid they want to rip my ass off, because they did never tell me how much will the final amount be. Things are done, I've made the mistake, so please don't tell me I shouldn't have done this... I'll pay the car, I just want to know what would be the reasonable amount to charge for this job.

    The paintjob is already done and paid - thru an other guy, it was around 1,000.

    My question is, how much should be an estimated cost for getting this kind of car together (without the paintjob, because that's already paid). I'm not asking for an exact cost, but a little estimate - like 2k or 5k or 10k or so?

    If you are reading this Dave, how much you usually charge to get the kit built? Also what other, professional kit car builders charge for installation?

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    Re: Mr2Kits GTA build almost complete - price question?

    PM me so that I can advise - need to know stage of build, quality of work etc.
    To fit the main kit parts and prep for paint I would advise 2K to be reasonable. This leaves you paint, and re-assembly to do, which can take up to 2 or 3 times longer than fitting the kit.
    Human nature means that people work at different rates, but 9 to 10 months is a long time - they cannot possibly claim to have been working on it constantly for that long.
    If good quality, your paint price seems good.

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    Re: Mr2Kits GTA build almost complete - price question?

    Sorry to here about your situation however not uncommon. Unless you have experience in the DJ kit no one can truly answer your question.

    Call DJ and ask them what they think, they know first hand what it takes to build your car. Your best bet is to pay your captures and get the car released. Pass your experience on to others so it might prevent others to make the same mistake.

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